Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Follow up to great weekend!!

Just wanted to thank everyone for the great weekend I had in Lake Park last weekend. Spent a wonderful 2 days relaxing with the family. Got some preggo clothes from Audrey....a life-saver since I was down to only 3 pairs of pants that fit. Got some great lovin from Avie and Mimae. Got some excellent cooking as usual at Mom's. Got some baby stuff from mom's friend Cynthia. And got some TLC from mom and dad both! Just what I needed. Enjoyed seeing everyone at church. Just wish the baby daddy could have come also. Baby daddy is what we affectionately call Kevin. And I am know as Kevin's 'baby carrier'. Next doctor appt is in a few weeks. Nothing exciting to come at that appt. For those of you who don't already know, I passed a very large kidney stone the weekend before last. So I spent my two days off work in the hospital. No too much fun!! Just hoping there aren't anymore stones lurky around in there.