Thursday, August 27, 2009

Swimming with Daddy in Uncle Donald's pool
Learning to float

Aunt Koki loved feeding Charlee

Kevin's old boss, Cheryl, meets Charlee

Kevin's old work crew

Charlee riding Doug's new puppy, Bentley
Aunt Koki feeding Charlee

Uncle Donald from Az

Uncle Kenny, Daddy and Charlee

Charlee and Tula (her 2nd step cousin) in matching outfits that Aunt Lisa made

Charlee meets her Grandpa in Arizona

Charlee meeting her Grandpa, Kevin's dad, in Arizona

Colleen, Kev, Grandpa and Charlee

Grandma was so excited to see Charlee again!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Charlee went to the doc for her 4 month appt. She is growing!! She weighs 15.7 and is 24 inches long. Doc says she looks great!! New things she is doing.....she smiles alot and talks alot!! She is starting to blow bubbles and make all kinds of cute noises with her mouth. We are having soooo much fun with her!! She goes to the beach with us, but she sleeps all of the time. We are taking our first big trip with her in about 2 weeks. She is going to meet her Arizona family on the 19th. Should be a fun new experience flying with a 4 month old!!

Amelia's B-day party

Charlee's first time swimming

She loves looking at herself during baths at Granna's

The bath time posse

The Lilly sisters go to St Augustine

And they brought a great storm
Chillin on the deck at the beach house

Peyton, the great babysitter

Friends Ross and Debra come to meet Charlee

Charlee, Mommy and Daddy

Donald, Audrey, Amelia and Avie come to visit

Avie and Nabu trying to get out
The chefs at work making pizzas

Avie spent most of her time under the kitchen island