Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More baby updates

Just wanted to update everyone on the latest.....I have a couple more bumps with this pregnancy. But I am finally over the month long cold I had, after a couple rounds of antibiotics. Also, found out I am tettering with gestational diabetes. I just had a 3 hour glucose tolerance test and the #'s started out great this morning but as the hours went by, my blood sugar kept getting higher. After 3 hours it was 183. My doc said they dont want to treat it right now, but I have got to change my diet. Stay away from the carbs and sugar! I start going to the docs here every 2 weeks now and in 2 weeks I start weekly nonstress testing in the labor and delivery dept. I go to the high risk docs in Jax next Friday and I wont know till then just how often they will want to see me. So for the last 10 weeks I will be very busy, at least closely monitored. Not to leave Kevin out...he is doing well. Just very busy with this new home care job he took. We are getting excited about finally having Charlee here!!