Saturday, February 21, 2009

Well, I had yet another kidney stone on Monday. With pain and nausea meds I was able to pass it late that afternoon. Fingers crossed that is the last one!!

The girls at my work gave me a baby shower on last
Tuesday....again soooo many gifts! We are truely blessed! Mom surprised me by coming to that shower. And come to find out...Dad also came and he was busy putting the crib together that we are borrowing from Amy. So, I can now say the room is ready for Charlee (pics to come soon).

Mom and Dad stayed until Friday morning just spoiling me and Kevin! Could not have asked for more loving and caring parents!!! Thank You!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My 2 furry babies resting on baby Charlee
On the first weekend in February, we went to Lake Park for 2 baby showers. On Saturday, my Aunts and cousin gave me a great shower at Mom's house with tons and tons of goodies. I am truely blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Thank you all!!!
Kevin and Aunt Mary Clark with the great diaper cake

Peyton (babysiter in training) and Avie

Peyton, Amelia and Autumn

What a spread!

Jennifer, Aunt Cathy, Aunt Mary Clark and Marie

The fabulous hostesses!! Thank You!!!


Relaxing with Audrey and Avie before the fun begins

Mrs Sandra and Doris

The rowdy pillow fighting, jumping on the bed room

Mom, Audrey, Cynthia, Abby and Anna

Thank you Abby

Aunt Cathy and Peyton

Thanks Aunt Cathy for the great fishy wall art....its perfect!

My little present opening helpers

Pop with his 2 girls...Amelia and Avie. Charlee can't wait to join in on the fun with Pop!

On Sunday, I was given another great shower by my best friend from high school and my second Mom....Gina and Mrs Marlene
Bev and Mrs Mary Jean lent a hand to them
and everything turned out just beautiful!!! Again, I am blessed to be apart of great friends who no matter the miles between you always love and care for each other.
Thanks for everything!!
You really did a wonderful job....just beautiful!

Another wonderful diaper cake

Just showing off the watermelon belly!

Mom and me

My fabulous hostesses. Thanks a million!

Amelia...such a cutie!

Audrey and Cleta