Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby Charlee's Room

This is the blanket that Kevin's sis-in-law, Lisa, made for Charlee!! Beautiful! We love it! The theme for the room is all ocean.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scheduled delivery!!

Well, unless I go into labor on my own this week, Charlee will be here on March 30th....Kevin's b-day!!! They have set me up to be induced next Monday. We go into the hospital on Sunday night for cervidil (to thin out my cervix) and then Monday morning they will start the pitocin to put me in labor....then can I say I will be calling for the epidural!!!!!! So the count down is now on!!!!

Mom and Dad came last week on Wednesday night. Mom went to the Jax docs with me on Thursday for the ultrasound...even though it is hard to see everything unless you know what to look for. They almost sent me to deliver on that day b/c my BP was up a little, but the labs and 24 hour urine test came back normal. So all is ok. Kevin and Dad worked all weekend finishing up putting down our new wood floors. Looks GREAT!!! and can't thank Dad enough for all his help! Mom spent the weekend exercising me...trying to bring on labor....and she was nesting here at the house. I thought it was supposed to be me who should be nesting, but anyway the guest room and Charlee's room are now ready to go....thanks a million Mom!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patty's Day to all!!!

Since we are an Irish family...I wanted to wish everyone a Happy St Pat's day! Here's a pinch for you!!

We went to the doctor on Monday....still no news. Just waiting and waiting!

Donald, Audrey, Amelia and Avie came for a visit last weekend. We had a great time!!. Audrey got some pics, but left her camera here so we will have to wait for any pics. Can I just say that Avie loved Jami and Jami loved Avie. We just figured it is b/c they are both always looking for something to eat!!

Looking forward to Mom and Dad's visit to come this weekend!!

Just want to make a correction from the last count of kidney stones, it was 9 not 6!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hopefully you can make out this ultrasound pic. It is of Charlee looking at us. Look at those fat cheeks!!!
This is the cake that the girls from work gave me when they had a shower for me!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MD appt on Monday March 9th

Despite my being ready to birth this little chunky monkey....she is not ready! Apparently, she is still high in the canal and my cervix hasn't thinned at all! My non-stress tests that are done 2x every week are normal. The weekly ultrasounds are the big changes. Maybe she is just holding out to share a birthday with her daddy!! (March 30)
On another note, this past weekend, I birthed another 6 kidney stones!! FUN!! I think I am finished hoping that these will be the last ones.....I am just waiting till more come now!! Oh well!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Friday MD appt

Well, I went to the Jax OB Doc on Friday for another ultrasound. First, I saw a different Doc than I had seen the 2 times previously and this one is GREAT! He is like a big teddy bear and gave me a hug at the end of the appt.
Now to Charlee.....the fluid level on her kidney has gone up alittle. It is now 1.2 (12mm). Not a big concern, still just need to get her checked out and a kidney ultrasound within 48 hours of her birth. The Doc said that there is a 30% chance in babies with a fluid level above 7mm that they will need surgery to correct it. We will just have to wait and pray!
We saw her practicing her breathing, which the ultrasound tech said is just her getting ready to come on out to meet us. Also, she has long feet......maybe taking after her Granna?? She has a big belly, which is probably due to my gestational diabetes. They put me on a pill every day to keep the numbers down. The tech got a great picture of her looking right at us....can you say very fat cheeks. It also looks like she may have hair. She weighed in at 6.2 lbs, so I dont think we will go all the way to the April 5th due date....or who knows what her weight will be!!!
Anyway, we now go to my Docs here in St Augusitne every Monday for a Non-stress test and a Doc vist and we go to Jax every Thursday for a Non-stress test, ultrasound and Doc visit. At least this way we can watch how much weight she is gaining every week!!!