Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baby update and trip details

I went to the OB doc on Monday the 22nd and they did another ultrasound. The baby is growing...she weighs 1.8 lbs now and everything is looking ok according to the doc. The amount of fluid on the left kidney is now 9.6 to 10.7 depending on how she measured it. So that # is up just a little from the previous 8 level seen 3 weeks ago. I go for another ultrasound in 5 weeks. Also, just let me say that traveling while preggo isn't all that fun. First of all, the baby does not like the pressure changes that take place during take of and landing during the flights....and we had 4 of them!! She kicked severly during each one. Second, I got a cold on the first flight and fought that the whole week and I got food poisoning the second night in which I upchucked every hour on the hour from 10pm to 4 am and then again at 8 am......just for the fun of it!!! We had to call the little (young) Mexican doc to come see me at the resort and thank goodness Kevin speaks Spanish. Kevin got a horrible cold on the return flight home and proceeded to give that to me also!! We had to stay in Orlando for 2 nights after we returned to the states for my work Christmas party. Fun, if you can say that since we were both feeling crappy.......hence no pictures from that stay. Anyway, it was wonderful seeing all of Kevin's family that made the trip also....despite being sick. They all live in Arizona and we truely miss seeing them more often!!

Trip to Acapulco

Just wanted to share some pics from our trip to Acapulco last week with Kevin's family. We had a good time seeing everyone!!

Iguana cruising around our resort!
Lobby of our resort.

View from the mountains in town.

Beach in old town, where we took our snorkeling trip from.

Baby octopus we found while snorkeling....yes it is alive and we released it back to the sea!

Beach and cabanas at the resort.

The whole crazy group!!

Sunset view from our room at the resort.

This was the view from our room the first night in Acapulco. We stayed in the busy hotel district for 1 night before the rest of the family got in the next day.

View from our room the first night.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Baby Update

Baby foot


Kicking my belly with her leg

Well, we had our ultrasound with our regular doctor on Nov. 21st. They saw a baby girl!! Everything looked good except she has fluid on her left kidney. They say this is a common thing to see wrong. And with my history of bilateral kidney reflux as a baby that required surgery when I was 2 yrs old, they wanted to send me to a high risk group in Jax. I went to see the high risk docs today and they again saw the fluid on the left kidney only (the right one is normal). The normal amount of fluid should be 5cm, but the baby's is at a level 8 now. They want to keep seeing me but not for 8 weeks, so that is somewhat encouraging. So I guess I will be seeing 2 Obgyn groups. Jennifer, my cousin, went to the appoinment with me today and got to see just how active the baby is. She kicked so much that the ultrsound girl had a time seeing what she needed to see. The pics I am showing are of her foot, profiles and her sticking her leg straight up and kicking my belly. On the profile pics you see a black oval area...this is the fluid on the kidney.