Sunday, December 6, 2009

Brother Brent and Charlee

Largest crayon at the Crayola store in Allentown PA

Chillin at Brent's house

Daddy and Charlee


The Family

Hanging out on the porch

the street out front of the house

Strollin thru the park

The Thanksgiving crew

Brent, Suzanne and Charlee....early AM

Kevin's brother David.....also lives in PA meeting Charlee and Lori for the first time

Cutie pie in the bath

Grandma's Christmas present....a car/! and Charlee loves it!!

And Daddy just had to get Charlee this enormous Mickey....she squealed for 5 minutes in the store in delight.....she already knows how to get what she wants from Daddy!!!!

Halloween 2009

Trunk or Treat 2009

Kevin, Charlee and Eric (my girlfriend Sharon's son) Charlee loved him

Leah and Charlee

cutie pie

Waiting on advice to post pics quicker....

Hi all...I am in the process of finding out how to post pics faster. The 3 Halloween pics took 30 minutes to post so you can see why it is taking me a long time to get more on.

Update: things here are just flying by. Charlee is now 8 months old!!! Too hard to fathom!!

Kevin, Charlee and I went to Allentown PA to spend Thanksgiving with Brent and Suzanne....Kevin's step son. We had a blast. We drove up the weekend before and spent Friday night with Mom, went to Atlanta for brunch with all my girlfriends on Saturday morning then made it to Matt and Leah's in Raleigh, NC for the night. We loved staying with them and seeing the newest little family to be!!! Leah looks great and her nursery is shaping up to be just adorable. Charlee sends a shout out for letting her try out Lilly's crib! You guys are the best!! After visiting with them for the morning...we headed out for PA...which we made it there that evening.
We had a great time, stayed for the week and spent turkey day with them. We headed home the day after and made it home on Sunday. We arrived home to Kevin's Mom and stepdad...Lois and Dean. They came all the way from Arizona to keep Charlee for the next two weeks. Grandma is loving every minute and crashing in the bed every night!!!! Last Monday we took Charlee to the urologist in Jax for her 3 month checkup and ultrasound. She still has the same amount of fluid on her left less and no worse! We are still just watching it every 3 months. Oh and she weighed in at a whopping 21.6 lbs....our little chunker!.
On a bragging note....she is such a good baby and we have it great...she still sleeps through the night and really isn;t that fussy. We are enjoying all the new stuff she is doing...clapping her hands, gabbering all the time, saying Da Da, getting soaked everytime we give her a bath, learning to drink from a sippy cup...not very often, and occasionally holding her bottle!!! She is still not turning over or crawling.....slow start but I am sure when she starts I wll be wishing she would stop! No teeth yet, but chewing any and everything!!! BUT, she is in for a rude awaking....she starts 'school'...not daycare on Monday the 14th. We are starting her at the Village Academy and they really start from day one teaching....mobility, eating, and even sign language. Yes, Kevin and I have some learnin' to do!!!! Sorry this has been so I am going to try posting some pics.....thanks to Audrey for teaching me how!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Charlee was Tinkerbell for Halloween....maybe a little chunkier and bald!!